Happiness, misery, sorrows + joys. They are all that keep from Light. The pairs of opposite are but toys. Trust in God and do the right.
Keep your body and mind and soul in harmony, peaceful, calm + aright. Patiently seek to reach the good. Trust in God and do the right. Body should be a  I temple of peace. I

Punctuality1 and word keeping2 are the two wheels of the carriage3 of progress drawn by the coachman – courage. – It leads  to the Temple of success if not worried by ups and downs of the road faith4 and robbed by the High-Wayman of disheartedness.

By punctuality and word keeping a servant becomes a Master and the Governed becomes a Governor. These two things are a true copy of the mother Nature and the Father God. Without these two qualities one cannot be called a Theist. (Shahnshah)


Explanation: 1) Keeping to the appointed time. Meant is the observance  of meditation to Amrit Vela, the blessed time between 2 and 6 a.m. 2) Sticking to a promise (to meditate regularly), but also to keep one’s word in terms of upholding the (given) Word (Naam). 3) A four-wheeled passenger vehicle pulled by two ore more horses. b) A person’s bearing or deportment. – Allegory for the vehicle of our body laden with Karma and generally dragged by the senses, and which is turned in the right direction (brought forward) only by the two qualities mentioned above. 4) When Kabir came for the first time, Kal, as described in the Anurag Sagar, made Him promise, that He is not allowed to convince the souls by wonders or the like, but was only allowed to initiate those who believed in His words. This promise is still valid today and the Master-Power, whereever and whenever It works in this world, observes it. When a Soul is initiated, it does not need to believe (blindly), because it has received a demonstration in form of an firsthand-experience. Now, however, it needs trust in the consummate competence of the Master, until the soul finally reaches the point, where it completely realises this competence by itself.