The Object of the Conference is …


The object of the Conference on Unity of Man is to propagate the idea of Unity of Man:

That all mankind is One!

All are born the same way, their outer and inner construction is the same and all are endowed with the same privileges from God. No high, no low – all are equal. We are drops of the Ocean of All-Consciousness which is God. So we are all brothers and sisters in God.

ur Ultimate Goal is to attain atonement with the Supreme Power which controls all creation and also controls us in the body. The whole world is His abode, and on a small scale, body is the Temple of God in which His Eternal Light is shining. Take heed that the Light which is in thee be not darkness. That Light is in all of us. Our Surat or attention has identified itself with the body and the outside world, so much so that it has forgotten itself. If it withdraws from all outside and rises into awareness of its True Identity as a conscious entity, it can know the Supreme Power – God. For that we have to learn to die while living by rising above the body consciousness.

What is death? It is like the sun setting on one side and rising on the other. That is all. We have to realise the Controlling Power, the source and sustenance of all that is. Why do we not see Him now? Because our attention is identified with the physical body and the world outside, so much so that it has forgotten that it is a conscious entity, the Controlling Power behind the body.

Let me give an example to explain the point. Suppose I am looking in front of me. I cannot at the same time see what is behind me unless I withdraw my gaze from the front and look behind. Likewise, outside and recede within, to know itself.

And which is the eye that can see the Reality within?

That eye is different – it is the self-luminous Inner Eye mentioned in the scriptures as the Third Eye, Single Eye or Shiv Netra, of which it is said,

If thine eye be single your whole body shall be full of Light.

We have to withdraw our attention from all outside and rise into awareness of our True Identity and then realise the Supreme Power. And when one sees Him immanent in all and working in all, one would love all creation.

Man is he who is perfect all round – physical, mental and spiritually.

Be ye perfect as your Father, Which is in Heaven.

We give food to the body, we also feed the intellect, but what food do we give to the soul, which is a conscious entity? What is the food for soul? Man cannot live on bread alone.

The food for soul, a conscious entity, is to contact God – the Ocean of All-Consciousness, the Supreme Power that enlivens all creation.

It has to know that Power, to contact It. Such a man – who has developed all round – may be called a perfect man.

The object of all formations or social bodies is to turn out such perfect men. God made man and gave all men equal privileges. There is no high, no low – all are equal in the sight of God. And God does not reside in temples made by human hands but He does reside in the temples He has Himself made in the womb of the mother. And that temple is the man-body that we are carrying. In this temple we live and He also lives in it. It is a wonderful house we live in, that with so many apertures or outlets of eyes, ears, nose etc., we cannot escape from it. Some Power is controlling us in this body and that Power is God.

All Masters Who came in the East or in the West say that God is Love. Soul, which is of the same essence as that of God is also Love. Love needs an object for attachment. The natural object for our attachment was God, but we got attached to the world, because we see it.

All Masters say,

Love thy God and since God is immanent in all forms, love all creation.

We say,

How can we love Him Whom we do not see?

The answer to that is,

Seek the company of a Master Who has realised Him. He will give you a practical demonstration of how to rise above body-consciousness and see the Reality within.