The Object of the Conference is … 


The Masters come to make people see who do not see. When the attention recedes within to concentrate at the seat of soul between and at the back of the two eyes, it realises its True Identity that it is the indweller, controlling the body and there is a Supreme Power that controls it – the soul – in the body.

Guru Nanak says in this context:

The Lord of Nanak is visible everywhere.

And Kabir says:

I saw Him, the Uncreated Light Principle immanent in all and my doubts were dispelled.

Love comes with seeing. One cannot love him whom he does not see. How can we see God?

The Upanishads say in this context:

Unless the outgoing sense-faculties are controlled, and the mind and the intellect stilled, one cannot realise God.

When one sees Him in all the would naturally he will love all creation and seek the good of everyone.

Guru Nanak was moved by the same experience to say.

Peace be unto all, under Thy will oh Lord.

Love knows service and sacrifice. Man is he who lives for others. An animal lives for itself and for its progeny. There is no dearth of preaching to day. One may read all the books but unless he acts up to what they say it is no use reading. We have developed the head and neglected the heart. That is the reason for all the conflicts we see today. There is nothing new in all that I have said just now. I have given out the gist of the understanding I got by sitting at the feet of my Master and from a parallel study of religions and that is,

Oh man know thyself, who you are, what you are.

A Persian Faqir says:

Oh man you know the worth of everything. If you know not your own worth you are a fool.

The Masters make a man a True Man in the first instance and then raise him to the level of an angel and finally to that of God.

The three pre-requisites to God-Realisation are: right diet, right conduct and right dealings.

Guru Nanak says in this context:

Oh Nanak, utter the name of God with a pure heart; the worldly defile themselves by their evil ways.

And Kabir says:

If the fish lived in the sacred water of Ganges, even then it wouldn’t wash clean and the foul smell wouldn’t go.

Guru Amar Das says in the same context:

When the mind is unclean all is defiled. Washing the body does not make the mind clean. The whole world is in the rut of delusion; few there be who know the Reality.

What is that pollution and uncleanliness? The life of the senses. God + Desire = Man, and Man – Desire = God.

There is a great awakening now which I observed during my third world tour recently. The regeneration of society depends on the regeneration of man. Bricks may be manufactured in may kiln. If they are strong and of good quality the house will be strong. If the bricks are not properly burnt and the material is substandard, you cannot have a strong house. So whichever the formation, man should be man in the true sense of the word. There is a general awakening today in every direction. People are so unhappy, may God grant them peace and happiness. The way to that is to seek company of awakened men.