Intercession to the Timeless

May Kirpal show Mercy and grant the sincere seeker after Truth a first- hand experience of the God-into-expression-Power, wich reveals itself as the Light of God and the Voice of God – the Sound that comes from the right side.

The Publisher

The Master of the Universe

After leaving the cage of clay I met Him – the Master of the Universe. Like a grain of sand was the creation1 and His Visage it was familiar to me, was as great as the highest mountain.

His smile enchanted me.

The Visage approached and spoke with a calm and deep voice:

Look my child,

and I looked regarding His directive, right, left, above, below, ahead and behind, all at the same time

And wile looking with the Eye of the Soul He went on saying:

All this am I and there exist none beside me.

And I went on looking like a child and He showed me in His benevolence and mercifulness the end and the beginning and all what exist not. The Lord of the Universe – the Master Himself – showed Himself to a dishonourable disciple. I was not in wonder, it was Kirpal my Lord and Master!

After this gracious vision I bowed decently and said:

You, Kirpal, are everywhere, there is nothing except you, You are the Alpha and the Omega, which was and which is to come, the Almighty. From Pind to Anami and all else what is, although it is not manifested. You are everywhere immanent and I testify, there exist only You alone. Thank You for this insight!

Bhai Jamal


Explanation: 1) Even this comparison is to marginal. Speech can not articulate, only the soul is able to see this, destined by Him.


Kabir described this vision as follows:

I saw Him, the unmanifested principle, Who indwells everything and all my doubts dispelled.