Is there an Oppression of Truth?

It is there, in fact. Many organisations, groups, registered associations and imperfect masters, hundreds of them, and hundreds of thousands who follow them! It’s like a game. Who catches the most souls! However, there is also the possibility to receive independently a connection, the connection with the Light of God and the Voice of God. There is no need for any group, organisation or the like! Only a sincere desire to meet this Power. Again and again, at all times groups and organisations appear, which filter out – in the name of the Saints, and Kirpal Singh –, what the people who come to them shall hear, and are allowed to read.

Nearly thirty years after the physical withdrawal of this Power, as represented by Kirpal Singh, it is recognisable how the writings, recordings and everything that has to do with them, are changed slowly in order to strengthen the self-hustled claim for leadership. Often out of ignorance, but also out of calculation. There are even no ‘Kirpal clubs’ upon approval by Kirpal Singh and there have never been in the past, nor has ever a Master of Truth established suchlike.

There are many people who use a partial knowledge and let themselves be listed in the respective registers of the Internet, as for example, Yahoo, Google, etc., but these people and groups only pursue their own interests. There is no Naam distributed, as the One ordains it.

Statements by Kirpal Singh are taken out of context – as new editions – from booklets, readers’ letters and newsletters, and then added again anywhere else, so that it creates a different intentional sense. A hidden sectarianism! Outwardly open but internally the people are oppressed.

This was never the way of the Saints and Great Masters of Truth. Such things you do not find in any book by Kirpal Singh, nor is it to be found in any note. On tape recordings all this is not to be heard too. These organisations and groups consider each question as unbelief. Sat Sandesh booklets from the years up to 1974 are largely drawn from the market by the groups, in order to form the content in the newly formed books as it pleases them. Since the beginning of time, this is the method of sects and religious communities and it serves only, as Kirpal Singh says, the manhunt.

All this behaviour is not the work of Kirpal Singh nor the necessary Unity of Man, no matter what organisation or group behaves like this!

The Publisher