Kirpal Singh

Masters came to all Times

Masters have come in all ages to offer this natural science to man. Only those who are discontented with this world rush to them. Others to whom worldly attractions, pleasures and luxuries are dear, turn their backs.

Those in whose hearts all noble sentiments are dead, not only put all possible obstacles in the way of the Saints, but also subject Them to various kinds of tortures, as a study of the lives of JesusGuru NanakKabir and others will show. Masters have come in the past, are existing today, and will continue to come in the future for the Spiritual Benefit of man.

To suppose and accept that Spirituality has become the sole prerogative of any religion after the passing of the Master, on Whose teachings it is based, and that Sacred Books are the only guide, shows the thoughtlessness of man.


Source: β€˜Man, know thyself – Criterion to judge a Genuine Master,’ by Kirpal Singh, 1894–1974.