Hazur Sawan Singh

Journey to the Inner Master

Letter by Sawan Singh to one of His disciples

Your wish to visit India is welcome. But what I wish for this is that you need not your physical hands, your feet and your body so that you travel without feet, speak without tongue, see without eyes and hear without ears, and while you sit at home not only visiting India but whole Brahmand. When you visit India with your physical body – so what – if you do not reach beyond this world?

But if you retort that you want to come to India to see your Master, then you should consider that the physical body is not the real form of the Master.

It is only a raiment that He uses in this world and takes it off again. The real form of a Master is the Holy Sound and in this form the Master pervades each hair in your body and has His abode in you.

If you go behind your eyes, then the Master will manifest in His Radiant Form and when you reach Trikuti, the Master in His Shabd Form will escort you even to Sach Khand.

Fly upwards on the wings of faith and Love so that you can speak every day to Him and can always be with Him.

This will come by degrees, you do not need to become desperate for that reason. Meditate regularly and one day all these powers will be yours, and you will reach your True Home.

Yours faithfully

Sawan Singh