Notes by the Publisher

to the Almighty God
working through all Masters Who have come
and Kirpal Singh Ji Maharaj
by Whose unmeasurable blessings
causeless His humble servant received
 early in the morning
the Holy Naam – the Word.


You are visiting the main portal for the Unity of Man Conference which was held in New Delhi / India, in February 1974.

This domain has been made as an information platform, to help the sincere seeker after Truth, who is confronted with the actual flood concerning the most important theme of man, namely the Unity of Man, in the internet, to find the right way for himself and his dear ones.

By many people this main portal is regarded as an unaltered source of information about the Conference and the mission of Kirpal Singh. It is free from group strucutre and group thinking and serves the sole purpose to present neutral information about His mission.

Kirpal Singh writes on this subject:

It would be prudent to clarify that the campaign of Unity of Man has to be carried out above the level of religions without in any way affecting any religious or social orders. It has to obtain in practice the blessings and support of all those who believe in the Gospel of Unity of Man, and could give it strength by taking this Gospel to every human heart around them and convincing them of the need of its acceptance in daily life. It will neither be tagged with Ruhani Satsang1 nor with any other similar organisation2. The enthusiasm of its admirers will be the real force working behind the campaign.

Last Circular Letter (15 May 1974) –
On the Unity of Man,
by Kirpal Singh, 1894–1974

All people are invited to partake in the ever existent Unity, the Unity of Man.

The Publisher


Explanations: 1) Ruhani Satsang was the Spiritual Platform by which Kirpal Singh gave the broad world population an understanding of the Unity and the Unchangeable Truth during His physical stay on earth according to the instructions and the explicit desire of His Master, Baba Sawan Singh.  

2) The different organisations, groups and associations acting worldwide, which were brought into being and have been founded and registrated in the name of Kirpal Singh after His physical departure, are not the campaign of Unity of Man that was wanted and described by Kirpal Singh.

The campaign of the Unity of Man changing humanity that was wanted and intended by Kirpal Singh, described in the above quotation from the last Circular Letter of Kirpal Singh on the Unity of Man, has neither any organisational or associational structures nor is this campaign of the Unity of Man dependent on any patronage or organisation with the same name or different names, on any imperfect master or on anyone at all.