Swami Shiv Dayal Ji

The Shabd

Swami Shiv Dayal Ji speaking on Shabd declares:

Wondrous indeed is the power of the Shabd. How can I describe the Glory of Shabd?

Those who have tasted the sweetness of Shabd, they alone know the greatness of Shabd.

Every moment I feel the protecting power of the Shabd, how may I describe the grandeur of the Shabd?

Without the Shabd, one wanders in ignorance, and knows not the value of the Shabd.

They who solved the mystery of the Shabd, who have intense Love for the Shabd. And who practise Shabd in right earnest, such indeed are the truly blessed.

None can control the mind without the Shabd, attune ye therefore to the Shabd.

In vain goes the human birth, if one gets not the treasure of Shabd.

In the depths of the soul resounds the Shabd; why does thou not listen to the strains of Shabd? Sit in solitude and silence thy mind, then alone shalt thou have the Shabd revealed.

Cast aside torpor, languor and lassitude, and ever remain in touch with the Shabd.

The five-sounded Shabd is resounding within; learn ye to listen to the Shabd.

The Master gives the knowledge of the Shabd; meditate ye on the Shabd.

I have discoursed much on the Shabd, yet alas, none cares to follow the Shabd. In vain do they forfeit the human life, who catch not the life-line of Shabd.

I, for one, now end this discourse on the Shabd. None but the destined get to the Shabd.

Swami Ji