So-called ‘Follow-up Conferences’ after
the Conference of 1974 and the
Continuation of the Mission of Kirpal

Through the great Conference on Unity of Man held by Kirpal Singh in 1974 a lot of things were set in motion both within and without.

Not only the heads of the various religions approached each other, even an impulse was set which let people worldwide realise the Unity of Man at least to a certain degree. Many initiatives and movements which work on the basis of the realisation that we as men on this planet all ‘sit in one boat,’ have their origin here.

The real campaign of the existing Unity of Man desired by Kirpal Singh and originated with this Conference, however, does not have any organisational structures, as He emphasised explicitly in His Last Circular Letter from 15th May 1974, but shall be carried on above the level of religions through the living example of all those who believe in the Gospel of Unity.

Against this unmistakably declaration of Kirpal, after His physical departure a ‘Unity of Man’ organisation was found by some of His disciples. In its publications it is asserted that it was founded in 1974 by Kirpal Singh on the occasion of the great Conference.

In 1981 the project Kirpal Sagar was found in the Punjab – with the above mentioned organisation as body. The Name Kirpal Sagar – Ocean of Grace – was rightly chosen because the project should be the physical centre in order to carry on the mission of Kirpal. But after years it turned out that this place could not come up to its intended function due to mismanagement. Today this physical project is completely externalised and does not have any meaning anymore not even without, and the blessing within fades away.1 

While Kirpal Singh mentioned in His last Circular Letter that after the Conference of 1974 one more could be held in the West – naturally at the same level–, and that those two Conferences would then work as a whole, the grouping mentioned above organised several conventions which should at least partly be follow-up conferences of the great Conference of 1974.

The German branch of the ‘Unity of Man’ Organisation arranged a meeting in Munich in 1981 to which spiritualists, actors, magicians2 and healers were invited amongst others. This was already a considerable abberation from the guideline given by Kirpal Singh and shocked many disciples of Kirpal Singh strongly.

In 1982 another meeting was organised by St Gilgen in Salzburg which had ‘The School of right Understanding’ as subject. As meeting in 1981 even this one could not contribute anything to carrying the campaign of the Unity of Man into the hearts of many people; only a few people have been put on the way as a result of the event who are loyal to the organisation ‘Unity of Man’ still today.

The next conference was held not before 1994.3 Various local politicians as well as a rash of swamis and sadhus were invited, whereby it was emphasised that they – the swamis and sadhus4 – would have personally met Kirpal Singh during the Kumbha Mels 1974 in Hardwar.

But herein lies no intrinsic value. The pure fact that a man has once met Kirpal Singh does not automatically make him a witness for the existing Unity of Man.

The organisation published a report on the Conference in 1994 in which amongst other things all invitations – that were addressed to high personalities – and their cancellations were imprinted. But which alleged own importance shall be demonstrated by imprinting the cancellations of invited personalities?

A further ‘World Conference on Unity of Man’ was held in 2007. This conference as well took place in comparatively moderate conditions. There were present only the followers of the organisation as well as people whose marriage was funded by the grouping and who naturally felt accordingly bound.5 The grouping tries to override these facts in its internet presentation by long lists of speakers and cleverly chosen photo details. So on the photos one sees the attendees in the chosen picture detail always crowed. It seems as if there were many people, but one does not see that behind it is all empty.

Speakers who had to say something important had to hand in their manuscripts so that the content could be controlled.

The latest conference up to now was held in 2008. This one was once more smaller than the previous one. The programme of this so-called final conference contained the following points:

1st–3rd December: Free Medical Check-ups and Eye-operations. Seminar on the occasion of the World Aids Day (B. Ed. College)

5th–7th December: National Dr Harbhajan Singh Memorial Inter-School Volleyball Tournament.6 Evening: Culture programme – Historical Scenes from the Life of Guru Teg Bahadur.

8th December: Marriages for Needy Couples. Evening: Sufi Quawalis

9th December: Opening of the Exhibtion at the Farm. Welcome Party of the B. Ed. College. Opening of the World Conference on Unity of Man and First Panel Session. Evening: Bhajan Sandhiya – Hindu Hymns

10th December: Opening of the renovated Library with new Exhibition. Second Session

11th December: Havan Puja (Hindu fire ritual) – Final Ceremony.

It is obvient that all of this has in principle nothing to do with the Conference hold in New Delhi in 1974. After all it is not different from Amritsar, Beas, in the Manav Kendra or – after the physical passing of Swami Ji, still during the lifetime of Baba Jaimal Singh – in Agra: The activities are not comprehensible anymore.7

When the organisation can not find any other occasion that is geared towards the media, the library of Kirpal Sagar is inaugurated – what happened at least three to four times up to now. Allegedly it serves the comparative studies of the holy scriptures or religions, but this never took place there practically.

As it can be recognised from all this, after 1974 there was never hold a real second Conference on the Unity of Man as it was described by Kirpal Singh as a possibility in His last Circular Letter. All the more one tried to demonstrate outwardly a weightiness that does not really exist. Present multimedia platforms are really flooded with presentation – as 10 to 20 websites –, on youtube the organisation as well as its members hosted besides a rash of other films numerous single film sequences of Kirpal Singh, so that one finds disproportionately many presentations of this grouping when one looks for corresponding subjects on the search engines.

So the outward presentation becomes more and more expanded and illustrated more and more beautiful and costly, however, that does not count within, contrariwise, through all these externalised activities the bounds of Love are destroyed.

In this age Kal darkens the Truth; even at places which should have been places of Truth, externalisation and untruth creeps in increasingly.8

Nevertheless the organisation still gets support, what is no wonder, because when something is essentially right it is hard for many people to discriminiate when the support becomes wrong, as the basic principle is right.9

Indeed, the real campaign of the Unity of Man, that shall become a worldwide movement reaching every human heart is an admission of the Almighty Power for this age. This movement shall start in the hearts of men and especially in the hearts of the initiates. For when 100 or 1000 people are connected with the Truth, right understanding must develop automatically. But when these people only think and act within the framework of groupings, this right understanding does not develop.10

It is not sufficient to intellectually and verbally swear to the Unity. It must become indeed a movement, that captures all hearts.

When all people do not only affirm emotionally, believe blindly or understand intellectually, but do really realise that we are all One and when they truthfully live this realisation – then the conditions of the World will change fundamentally. No one will harm anybody else anymore. All disputes and religious wars, all differences in treatment, overreachings and curtailing of other people’s rights will end – both in small and great matters. This will be the beginning of a new epoch for humanity. And this is the True Object of the campaign of Unity of Man that was initiated by Kirpal Singh.


Source: Composed by Bhai Jamal.

Explanations: 1) Kirpal Singh said analogously, that if the magicians of the world stepped out of their inner silence and grasp the Sound Current, they would immediately break off their black magic.

2) On this occasion the foundation stone was laid in the Sarovar of Kirpal Sagar. There happened a deplorable mistake with far-reaching consequences.

3) Sadhu: Commonly a renunciate. In India wandering monks or ascetics are often called like that. This is, however, only the exteriorized aspect of an actually Inner Condition that is called 'Sadh' in Sant Mat; it is this status of a 'Sadh' that Kabir and other Saints refer to. A Sadh is somebody who has reached Daswan Dwar or the third plane.

From the day a person comes in close touch with a Sadhu, he takes a turn for the better, ever in bliss, he engages in Kirtan and comes close to the Creator and Designer of destinies. 

Guru Arjan, Dhanasri M5

Naam or Word – 
Book IV: I. Kirtan, 
by Kirpal Singh, 1894–1974

[…] Now it has gone beyond its causal, astral and physical coverings and no features of the three lower regions of mind and matter stick to it any longer. 

Now, the immaculate Soul brightly and radiantly appears in the light of twelve suns. It does not need to be reborn in the lower levels unless it is ordered by the Supreme Lord Himself. It has tasted the Nectar of the incomparable music – Amrit –  and has a complete insight into the Real Nature of the creation. 

In the realm of Daswan Dwar the liberated Soul completely realises that it is Love in its essence just like the Supreme Lord of Love Himself. 

He, who comes here, is called a Sadh.

A Sadh is one who has gone beyond the region of Trikuti – Onkar – which is the same as Lahut in Sufi terminology, and Hu in Islamic theology. He has witnessed the spirit in its pristine Glory, after having rid it of all coverings, and is now Trigunatit – beyond the three gunas: satva, rajas, and tamas, in which all human beings work according to their natural and native instincts; beyond the five elements – earth, water, fire, air and ether, of which the physical world is composed; beyond the twenty-five prakritis  – the subtle forms in varying degrees of the elements [see the subsection 'Prakritis' in the illustration to 'The Narration of Queen Indra Mati'; Editor’s Note]; and beyond also mind and matter.

In short, He is an adept in self-knowledge, or the art and science of spirit, and can, at will, disengage the spirit from various koshas – sheaths or caskets – in which it is enclosed like a priceless gem.

The greatness of a Sadh lies beyond the three Gunas – as he is Trigunatit.

By a process of self-analysis, he – a Sadh – has known the self or spirit in its Real Form – to wit, that it is of the same essence as God, and now he strives for God-Knowledge. 

Now, the soul really knows where the Supreme Lord resides and its most sublime desire is to consubstantiate with Him.

The Soul’s Journey – Part II,
The Way through the super causal Regions, 
contains excerpts from: Godman (First Edition, 1967) –

III. Gradations in Mastership
by Kirpal Singh, 1894–1974

When the astral body of a man is completely clean and pure as it may be the case of one within millions, all other fellow-beings in his surroundingfeel well and relieved from the burdens of this world because of the community of this man.

This is but natural.

But having the rare privilege of meeting such a man whose causal body is clean and pure as it is the case of one within many millions, we will automatically hear the Holy Sound Current in his presence. 

This is an immutable and unlimitedly working law since the beginning.

A real Sadh helps seekers after Truth by preparing them for the way and finally gives them over to the Master.

When He was asked, who would become His successor, Kirpal Singh said:

I wish you all to become ambassadors of Truth.

In this sense also His following statement is to be understood:

So springtime is upon us now; there will be more fragrant Saints, I would say now, Who will come up and give us through the Grace of God, a contact with the God-into-Expression-Power.

So He wishes, that all His disciples reach at least the status of Sadhs during their lives.

The aforementioned so-called sadhus being ascetics or wandering monks, well-known especially in India, normally are no Sadhs, because they do not have authentic Inner Knowledge. Therefore all activities of such persons – a lot of them have founded structures – are of no value for seekers after Truth. In fact, they live from the charity of others. They have turned their 'renunciation' into a career, and so they have become professional beggars. But he who turns begging to his profession will be reborn as a true beggar. Furthermore these 'sadhus' are often members of major clans – each with hundreds of members – that often fight one another.

Whoever has understood this, recognises that a dream has died in the face of reality.

4) The organisation already placed financial burdens on many Sangats in the nearby areas, as for example the Amritsar Sangat, by taking amply donations from the people. Consequently these people are not able anymore to pay their marriages themselves.

Guru Gobind Singh said:

Do not take anything that has not been given voluntarily.

Even when it is brought but it was said before that it is needed, this is not voluntary anymore!

Ravi Das, the Guru of Mira Bai was satisfied with a simple house. When Mira Bai brought Him a ruby, He let it lie there, where she had put it. Not at any time did a Saints or Gurumukh put on a show.

5) Such a tournament is held every year in December ‘at the honour of Dr Harbhajan Singh’. However, Harbhajan always separated himself from people who did anything in memoriam of Kirpal. The reason simply is: Nothing can be done in memoriam of the Almighty Power, because this Power is still directly working. The Truth is alive; something that is done in memoriam is dead. Jaimal Singh left Agra as the disciples erected a statue of His Master Swami Ji. Hence it is absurde when the own children of such a devoted soul do suchlike acts!

Kabir manifested Himself for two times in Kirpal Sagar under the name of Lashera Singh. At the first time He met Karamjit Singh who was jogging. Kabir asked him why he did not do his work for which he came. Unfortunately this did not sufficiently profoundly open his eyes in respect of his way of life, otherwise he would not arrange sport tournaments in Kirpal Sagar today.

6) All these places have originally been built by Saints for Spiritual Purposes or They lived there. After Their respective physical departure these places fell prey to externalisation.

7) In the Anurag Sagar by Kabir, Kal – the Negative Power – says at the beginning of the Kali Yuga:

I have created such karmas and illusions that no one can find a way out from them. I have created the ghost of illusion in every house and, deceiving the Souls, I am making them dance.

The ghost of illusion has possessed all of them – but those who recognise you [at that time Kabir or rather then as well as today Shabd, the True Master], their illusion goes away.

8) Everyone who supports the project Kirpal Sagar mentally and materially, has to take care that the project does not become externalised (more and more). To this belongs the conservation of the required high mentality and the regular practice of Bhajan and Simran.

9) Even the Ruhani Satsang is of no avail here because most of its members have not realised the quality and Grace of the current time and one is rahter engaged in protecting the name of the organisation against encroachments of other groupings.