Something about Meditation

Questioner: If you're sitting for the first practice – Seeing – and the Sound intervenes very strongly, what to do then?

Kirpal Singh: I tell you, if you cannot bear that strong Sound, it is better to divert your attention to Seeing. That will polish down.

Question: It is better to divert, like to Seeing?

Kirpal Singh: Yes, to Seeing, to lessen the unbearableness, or follow the Sound; That will drag you into the beyond. You see? Either of the two, whichever you like. If the Sound is very strong and you cannot bear It, then divert your attention to Seeing. That unbearableness will go. It will become bearable. Or, you follow It, and It will drag you into the Beyond. You follow me? You may sit in the same position, that makes no difference. Sitting on the feet position is always better because it is the position of the child in the womb of the mother. In that case you withdraw. If you simply begin to sit on feet, your soul will withdraw. That sitting position helps.

Question: So I should change? If I'm going to listen, I should change?

Kirpal Singh: All right, you'll just take your thumbs from your ears and see. Repeat the Names. That will polish down. Or if you follow Sound, That will drag you into the Beyond. Go, and Master will be waiting for you.

Question: Master, how should one conduct oneself in the presence of a Master?

Kirpal Singh: That's different according to each man's advancement. I think by questioning, we put one question, one phase of it, and He replies to that. But if you leave off all questions, simply hear Him, and become receptive, all your questions will be replied to. As I told you, I only put two questions to my Master, all through my life. First was about visualizing Master's form. That I told you about already [9th September].

The other was What is the proof that this Science will remain alive after You? and He said, For whomsoever I will order, I am responsible; for others I am not. These are His words. And then I further put Him the question, In what form He will be? He said, He will be in Sikh form. So these were the only questions … I learned all by simply looking into Him, and hearing what He said.

Now this is not the fate of everybody. Who has stepped into the intellectual plane must have the whys and wherefores, He must understand. He should put in all questions, clarify always, because he won't be able to take up the way unless he's intellectually satisfied, has got some proof. So it's better always to clear your heart.

As I told you the other day, there was one learned man, another was an unlearned man. There were a hundred stairs to reach the top of the building. The unlearned man said, All right, if you have to go up to see sun, go up, and he starts going up, you see. But the learned man says, Well, first of all, give me any example, any evidence from anybody that I'll see the sun when I go up. Then he says, Suppose my foot has slipped? Then what to do? You see? He would like to understand. Then he puts in a day or two, goes fifty steps or forty steps, but he does not see any light. It's all dark. No light. Sun is there. You'll see when you withdraw your attention from all sides, rise above outgoing faculties. Mind is still. Seat of the soul is at back of the eyes.

Fix your attention just there, the place where the Shiv Netra, the third eye or single eye is. You'll see Light. If you're going up, you'll see Light. So those who've got questions should simply let them loose, give me all questions, and those will be replied.

Sometimes people write to me: Where is the proof? I tell them, All right, go inside. One writes, I want time to be all alone with You. – All right, I'll give you this. You come here, sit inside the room, and lock it up and keep the key with you and don't come out unless your questions are answered. This is what I tell them. Questions are of the same nature, put in a different way, that's all. Unless you go up, you cannot see. When you're near the top of the house, when you're near the roof, then you'll see little glimpses of light. When you really go up, you see full Light. So it is better for those who have entered into the intellectual plane to be satisfied. All these things need to be explained; that such and such Master said such and such things, only for a little courage to take up the way. It appears to be correct to him, but he can not be satisfied unless he sees for himself.


Source: ‘Light of Kirpal / Interviews – 10. 1970, 16 September: To him who is obedient, the Keys are given,’ by Kirpal Singh, 1894–1974.