Spiritual Succession in Sant Mat

[…] Those Who have communed with the Word, Their toils shall end. And Their faces shall flame with Glory, not only shall They have salvation, but many more shall find freedom with Them.

Jap Ji / Finale

  • Kabir Sahib

  • Nanak Sahib

  • The well-known 8 Gurumukh-Gurus1

  • Gobind Singh

  • Ratnagar Rao

  • Tulsi Sahib

  • Shiv Dayal Singh (Soami Ji)

  • Jaimal Singh

  • Sawan Singh

  • Kirpal Singh

So springtime is upon us now; there will be more fragrant Saints, I would say now, who will come up and give us through the Grace of God, a contact with the God-into-Expression-Power. And this is the revolution, the Spiritual Revolution, which is coming up – an awakening all around.

Kirpal Singh


Who speaks ill of a Saint meets confusion at every turn. He resembles someone who is helplessly lost in the wilderness wandering here and there. Void is his life, it resembles that of a corpse. Who cares for such a man? Only a Saint Who in His Mercy rescues even a defamer.

Astapadi M5, Sukhmani


Footnote: 1) Guru Angad (1494–1552), Guru Amar Das (1479–1574), Guru Ram Das (1534–1581), Guru Arjan (1563–1606), Guru Har Gobind (1595–1644), Guru Har Rai (1630–1661), Guru Har Krishan (1656–1664), Guru Tegh Bahadur (1621–1675). 

Explanation: The Living Master is Naam. When Naam chooses a body and manifests in it, this Naam is the Living Master incarnated – not the vessel is the Living Master but the manifested Shabd therein. After Kirpal Singh’s physical departure and at the time present Naam is manifested in disciples who undertake the task of a Khalsa. Therefore the Giver is always Kirpal, even when the disciples have the status of a Sadh, Sant or Param Sant. At the end of Kali Yuga the Almighty Power is the Giver not the disciple who is authorised to give the instructions for initiation. God alone gives Naam, never the man. That is the reason why even nowadays Kirpal appears to seekers worldwide and why seekers also meet Him within after initiation. (See Button Reports, Reports after 1974)

False Masters cannot measure up to this, they are not authorised to establish a contact with His Name. Therefore seekers after Truth, who search for a Master and imagine how he has to be, go away empty-handed. They get where this imagination manifests. (See the following chapter of the Gurumat Sidhant: ‘Part II: Chapter XIII – Pseudo-Masters or false and Impostor-Masters.’)

There could be more True Disciples, but not the fact alone that someone was initiated by Kirpal makes him a True Disciple. Kirpal wanted all His disciples to become ambassadors of Truth, but only less than a hand has fingers are there today who are capable to do this.

Since Kirpal Singh’s physical departure this is the most misunderstood point in the Kali Yuga.

When a Master will be sent again, the work of the Almighty Power is finished. For then the Master-Power from the particular plane – at least from Sach Khand – is responsible. We live in a very high time. This opportunity only comes at the end of the cycles of time. 

Guru Nanak said analogously:

I Nanak, who has reached all Spirituality one can reach must call myself a fool since I realised not until the end that the Almighty Himself will come at the end of Kali Yuga in the form of Din Dayal Kirpal to take along all disciples.