Short Report about the Unity of Man World Conference from 3rd to 6th February 1974

The Unity of Man World Conference began with a great procession – a demonstration of Unity:

Conference 1974

Conference 1974

A crowd of more than hundred thousand participants from eighteen countries of this world, men, women and children, people of the most different races, nationalities and religions betook themselves together, united – in the spirit of the existent Unity of Man – on a march through the main streets of New Delhi, three and half miles from the Gandhi Place to Ramlila Grounds, the meeting place of this Conference.

Represants and the heads of different social religions led this uniting procession of symbolic importance together at the site of Kirpal Singh.

During the procession calls were sounding concomitantly:

Ek bano – Nek bano,

what means

Be good, Do good, Be One.1

At least one single, undecorated elephant accompanied the procession as a symbol for the participation of the lower life forms.

The following counties were represented by delegations:

Australia, Canada, Austria, Columbia, Ecuador, England, France, Germany, Ghana, Greece, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Malta, Nigeria, Thailand and the United States of America.

Over four hundred delegates from all parts of the world together with two thousand delegates from India participated in the deliberations and committees of the Conference. High-ranking religious, social and political personalities from India and abroad worked together lovingly with united powers to make the Conference the desired success.

It was unique, the first of its kind since the time of Ashoka.

Kirpal Singh

Amongst others the following personalities were involved in the success:

Nichidatsu Fuji – Buddhist leader from Japan; Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan – head of the International Order of the Sufis; Acharya Sri Tulsi Ji – Jain leader; Dr Angelo Fernandes – Roman Catholic Archbishop of Delhi; Lama Kushak Bakula – Head Lama from Ladakh; Mufti Atiquil Rehman – Muslim leader; as well as prime minister Indira Gandhi with members of her cabinet and many, many other loveable people, inter alia Yogi Bhajan.

Conference 1974   Conference 1974

Conference 1974

The conference was opened in the evening of 3rd February 1974 by the Vice-president of India, Dr G. S. Pathak. Kirpal Singh held a monumental speech on the Unity of Man.

The second session – the Peace Conference – was opened in the morning of 4th February by the Defense Minister of India, Sri Jagjivan Ram, and Dr Karan Singh, the Indian Minister of Health began the committee meeting for religious unity on the evening of 4th February.

The third session – the official main session – at the morning of 5th February included a speech by prime minister Indira Gandhi who was welcomed by Kirpal Singh with a loving short welcome speech.

At the final session on 6th February – the Birthday of Kirpal Singh – the foreign minister of India, Sri Swaran Singh, spoke in the evening. Additionally many other ministers of the Indian Union, members of parliament and state officials as well as many other persons, as disciples of Kirpal Singh held speeches or participated in the discussions of the committees. In that evening Kirpal Singh held a speech on the aim of the Conference and the aim of the movement of the existing Unity of Man. (A Circular Letter on that subject was published by Kirpal Singh at a later date, on 15th May 1974.)2

Retrospective it can be said that the predominant sensation of all participants over the gotten realisations, implemented through this Conference, was souled with joy:

Joy over the fact that in a time in which mankind suffers quite a lot so many people were allowed to realise together, that the cause of suffering is the separation of man from man and joy over the fact that with hindsight all participants were willing to overcome this separation. Also joy over the fact that so many leading personalities of high repute from all areas of life were willing to cooperate with Kirpal Singh.

This work will be carried on still further when we realise together that God acts through our neighbor, our brothers and sisters in this world, hence through all people.

Kirpal Singh said to this subject analogously:

One wonders about those who profess religion, which marks a connection between man and God, can take the risk of forgetting that he is a man, born with the same privileges of God as the one whom he hates and that he is a conscious entity, a drop of the Ocean of All-Consciousness.

We all should, everyone for himself, resist with best efforts from the tentation to place our own welfare before the necessary and so needful welfare of our brothers and sisters. Furthermore we have to realise that each human being that meets us in the everyday life is a child of God. Moreover it is our common duty to relieve the sufferings of the people and to remove the still existing separation between men – caused by deep oblivion.

The World Conference was a great success. In this sence the aim of the Conference will never end.

Closing words:

Dear Sisters and dear Brothers, please try to understand, that we are already all One!

The whole creation is the temple of God. There is no place where He is not. In minerals life is sleeping; in plants life is dreaming; in birds and animals life is awakening; and in man life is awake. As such we are brothers of all creatures, of plants, of birds and animals. So the flowers and trees sparrows and doves are as members of our own Order. How simple, pure, loving and beautiful they are! We should learn lessons of leading lives of purity, holiness, simplicity and Divine love from them.

Kirpal Singh

(Pictures of various Saints)


Explanation: 1) These words are a concise summary of the explanations on the Unchangeable Truth, as It is proclaimed by Kirpal Singh, the patron of the Unity of Man World Conference. He Himself said analogously: “I came to reveal the Unity to you, the Unity that exists since the beginning and has simply been forgotten.” When He was once asked how comprehensive the teachings of Truth were, He answered: “Truth fits into a nutshell.” The given answer seemed to be inscrutable, until He explained the following: “Be good, do good, be One.” Furthermore He said: “If knew how simple Truth is, you all would cry.”

2) On 15th May 1974 Kirpal Singh wrote a Circular Letter to His disciples in English language wherein He explained without ambiguity that the campaign of the existent Unity of Man must be spread above the level of religions, and that this campaign, this ‘dynamic of hearts’ will neither be tagged with a new nor with an already existing organisation as Ruhani Satsang but that it will be carried out by the enthusiasm of all enthused people.