The different Lights

Interview by R. Redeen with Kirpal Singh / 16 September 1970

Question: What’s the explanation of the different colours of Lights that are seen in meditation? 

Kirpal Singh: No book will give you, I tell you. But there is a reason for it, there’s reason for it. That depends on the Inner Development, backgrounds, some dominating attributes in his life, you see. That’s the cause of all the different colours. So, yellow, golden Light is spiritual; pure white Light is also …, this is spiritual; red Light, you will find, where at least there’s some pushing attitude. These are different stages, different colours, different sounds also. 

Question: Are they different Lights for different people or are they the same progression of Lights for everybody? 

Kirpal Singh: Those who have got background, they go up – further. Those who have to start, there’s a regular way. They will see the sky; they’ll see stars, the big star, then transcend it; then moon comes, then transcend it. Those who have got the background, they start all at once from there – that’s it. 

Question: Yes, I’m just thinking, every morning in here, when we meet, everybody seems, sees various Lights and ah, we seem to be about on the same level, many of us. 

Kirpal Singh: (Not clear: […] there are samples). Some they know. There is one who sees two Masters, Master Sawan Singh … 

(Interruption from the interviewer: That, of course, is beyond most of us). 

Not beyond. I get letters [saying Master appears within]. Of those who are regular, they have it. They talk too. 

Question: Blue Light, the blue Light, You didn’t touch on that. Everybody seems to see the blue Light. What’s that? 

Kirpal Singh: That’s the first – a loving attitude. You see. The picture of Lord Krishna, blue, you see, yellow, blue, that’s light, I mean golden light, these are three. Outer form you see. His face is blue, robes are yellow. That’s showing the combination of different developments. 

Question: So, so really when you start to meditate, you should try to get at that golden Light as rapidly as possible? 

Kirpal Singh: You cannot visualise, you see. That comes of itself. When you reach that plane, naturally that point comes, but that is (as I told you), that is where Master’s form manifests. 

Question: And, and these Lights just seem to stay for a short time. Will that increase as time goes by? 

Kirpal Singh: By regular practice, regular practice and that time is increased only, the longer you can stay in whatever you see, continuously without break. The more progress will also be there.

Interview by R. Redeen with Kirpal Singh,
on 16 September 1970